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European Young Kiwanis Summit - Lisboa 2019 !

The conclusion of the European Young Kiwanis Summit
by President Oskar

A new initiative of Kiwanis International-European Federation has proven to be successful and ignited a new spark.

Over 30 Young Kiwanians (under 35) from all European Districts gathered in Lisbon and came up with inspiring ideas and enthusiasm to help shape Kiwanis’ future.
It can be the beginning of something that has the potential of real change and renewal and of involving our young generation of Kiwanis members from all around Europe. After all, we want to keep Kiwanis growing and pass it on to the next generation.

Ideas, fundraising techniques, leadership styles, and guidance were part of this new and unique event.
We will certainly hear more from these young Kiwanis members that have already formed a strong bond.

My personal quote: “It was one of my most inspiring Kiwanis moment!“ says Kiwanis KI-EF President Oskar Gudjonsson.

Resounding success
"Together we make the difference, Embrace change!"



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